The Higsons

“Who stole my bongos? Did you steal my bongos?” The Higsons burst into the early 80s with a potent blend of witty lyrics and horn-powered punch. The funky punks were quickly snatched up by 2 Tone and were labelmates to Madness, The Specials and English Beat. They filled the dancefloor with ease but set themselves apart with a winking sense of humor. It was little surprise that frontman Charlie Higson would go on to fame as an author, actor and comedian, or that Terry Edwards would play every horn on every vital UK album for the next two decades. While they were not around for long, they left a wildly entertaining collection of songs behind.

“With English white-boy funkateers in vogue and John Peel fighting their corner, the band’s irreverent punk-funk clatter chimed with the zeitgeist, and their reputation-building early 45s such as I Don’t Want To Live With Monkeys and Conspiracy stormed the indie Top 10 across 1981-82.” – Record Collector

punk funk, 80s pop, Charlie Higson, horns, dance, comedy, 2 Tone

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