Named after Rotterdam writer Robert Loesberg, Lewsberg celebrate a quirky, brainy style of pop. There is a comfort in the guitar tones and backbeats, while Arie van Vliet’s delivery of his literate lyrics turns everything just slightly askew. Lines like “I’m about to do something terrible. I’m about to do something nice.” sum up the playful intellectualism at hand, before compact guitar freakouts punctuate matters. References in reviews to like-minded strummers such as Galaxie 500 and The Feelies highlight the vein of Velvet Underground inspired bands that welcomes the Dutch beat combo into it’s social club, while also underlining the aspects that make Lewsberg’s tunes so bracing and effortlessly satisfying.

“Those who dig ‘The Gift’ by the Velvet Underground or that very early Modern Lovers sound will surely be drawn to this.”  Louder Than War

rotterdam, netherlands, indie rock, literate, pop, dutch

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