Penelope Houston

Penelope Houston scorched through the music industry as the teenage frontwoman of The Avengers. Following that unforgettable youthful blast, she began to investigate the work of unique singer-songwriters like Tom Waits, and the acoustic inventiveness of Violent Femmes, before becoming fully enveloped in the neo-folk scene. Chasing the bittersweet rewards of songcraft would lead her through a major label record deal and working and recording with the legends of the genre. The twists and turns of her career would see a song with Billie Joe Armstrong on the TV show Friends and Houston celebrated as the “Queen of Folk Rock” throughout Germany in the 90s. The All Music Guide is absolutely correct when they state that Penelope "helped pioneer the melodic-yet-hard-hitting alternative rock mined by such performers as Liz Phair and Aimee Mann.”

Like many of the best songwriters, Houston brings an extra depth to her work, having lived five liftetimes worth of experiences. With a straightforward accessibility, deft touch, and unique viewpoint, she remains an essential artist of our time.

“We need to invent a new genre for Penelope Houston... smart, literate music made without compromise.”  Newsweek

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