James Chance

Soon after their 1978 debut on the Brian Eno-produced No New York compilation that defined the No Wave scene, James Chance’s group Contortions had already evolved, becoming sharper, tighter and just plain faster. They were firing on all cylinders and their debut album Buy is a marvel of hot-wired energy. Led by the brash yelps and free-sax squawks of Chance, the band spit out fiercely rhythmic tunes charged wiry guitar, infectious bass and cracking beats. 

When Chance instructs listeners to twist themselves into knots on the dancefloor via the instant classic “Contort Yourself”, he has the tools to make them do it. Indebted to the showman funk of James Brown, they flip it into a signature sound that would define the downtown dance-punk scene. There was an immediate influence on ESG, Bush Tetras and the burgeoning disco movement. Contortions imprinted so hard into the grooves that it sounds like they are about to break. Following Buy we are proud to represent all of James’ work and will be adding albums shortly.

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