Keel Her

First introduced to the world as a teenager via an avalanche of songs posted to myspace and soundcloud, Rose Keeler-Schaffeler quickly won over fans all around the globe. Her substantial output also served to rapidly move forward her progress as a songwriter, leaving behind a sharp lyrical wit and mountains of fuzzy melodies. While she might not post a song a day any longer, Rose continues to deliver lo-fi pop smarts in spades.

“An alien-obsessed bedroom musician with a prolific workrate to show up every studio-dithering band as heel-dragging slackers. Lo-fi hits and flashes of studio inspiration with tuneful pop pastiches in the vein of Dum Dum Girls and Ariel Pink. Lightening her introverted tendencies with an offbeat humour, Keel Her is sustained by a ‘first thought, best thought’ attitude that feels truly punk.” NME

diy, lo-fi, prolific, pop, noise, ufo, female, british, bedroom pop

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