Alex Macfarlane

In the fine tradition of eccentric psych pop masters such as Television Personalities, Swell Maps, The Clean, Guided By Voices and Ariel Pink, Alex Macfarlane sweeps in sugar sweet melodies and hooks galore that never overstay their welcome, while painting a picture of a whimsical world turned upside down. Outside of his time in The Stevens and Twerps, Macfarlane has championed a vibrant scene of like-minded artists that has reinvigorated the Melbourne underground. At it’s heart is his collection of brilliant little gems that brush by in under two minutes, but stay in your mind for days afterwards.

“Plenty of hooks in his back pocket and a warped sense of pop that burrows under the skin.”  Raven Sings The Blues

australia, psych rock, melodic, beatles, twerps, television personalities, hobbies galore, stevens, pop, lo-fi

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