Formed around their late night analog synth jams, Mike Petillo and Aaron Leitko decided to capture those sounds as Protect-U. A decade later, the Washington DC based duo have seen their jittery beats and elastic grooves dart in and out of 12” on labels like Petillo’s Future Times, Plant Mu, Vibrations and their own U-Udios set up. Not afraid to color their house tracks with techno kicks, dubby dives, new age washes, electro-funk or the occassional big hook or absolute banger, Protect-U make music to push and pull you blissfully around the dancefloor right before the sun comes up.

“Synthesized funk sounds like it’s from another place and time, conjured somewhere in Europe in the late ’70s or early ’80s. The band’s flowing jams feel like the extended portion of an ancient Human League remix that never returns to the song’s core.”  The Washington Post

house, electronic, dance, washington dc, future times, geo rip, u-udios

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