Carla dal Forno

Finding her footing in a number of groups in Australia, Carla dal Forno truly came into her own when she moved to Berlin and began making these personal songs around simple basslines and cascades of synths. Her creations have a dream-like quality and can leave the listener furtively racing through dark and rainy alleyways or drifting in and out of the room while sneaking along the edges of the wall. It’s shadowy, yet intensely intimate. It’s also rooted in deep melodies and once you start one of her albums you can easily find yourself listening to nothing else for days and days. 

“Smoky and ominous, Australian singer/songwriter Carla dal Forno simmers, both musically and thematically, while she inhabits the gloom of her arrangements like a ghost.” – Pitchfork

“She takes care to lay out her mysterious music for us – a music that feels timeless and ancient, full of uneasy memories and dark secrets. And, further, a music that feels potent and sensual, like a slow moving river.”
The Quietus

australia, female, dub, electronic, unique, dark, blackest ever black, berlin, london, mole house

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