Frank Birtwistle

After over a decade away from his guitar, Frank Birtwistle was inspired to write once again after hearing the song “Shiver” from Lucy Rose. Soon, over a hundred songs poured out of him. Adept at fingerpicking, Birtwistle brings components of classical, flamenco and folk and entertwines them with his love of nature and a gentle ease of playing. Listeners may detect his love of Nick Drake, Kate Bush and Clannad, but more than anything, these pastoral journeys are filled with Birtwistle’s instrumental voice, which rings out in his stylsh pluck of the strings. leaving behind acoustic pastoral poems that drift over the fields. Much of his work has been curated and archived in the The British Library Sound Archive for preservation.

“Frank Birtwistle always suppies a beauty and aesthetic that we want in our lives.” Swimming In Sound

folk, guitar, steel guitar, english, acoustic, fatea, instrumental, fingerstyle, classical, British  Library Sound Archive

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