Lead singer and co-founder of Maximum Joy, Janine Rainforth returned to the stage with new material in 2014, after an abscence of nearly two decades. Performing under just her last name, Rainforth debuted some of her haunting solo material on the final date of Bristol compatriots The Pop Group’s world tour at singer Mark Stewart’s insistence. Rainforth’s trademark vocals combine a sense of innocence wrapped around a pastoral folk sensibility transported into a smoky afterhours jazz den. Her songs snake and pulsate and envelop you in their charms, like torchsongs transmitted from outer space.

“Rainforth’s new work comprises rich, blurry lullabies which flow sonorously through space, dripping searching keys over shuffling rhythms and, of course, Rainforth’s piercing but pining vocal. It’s a sweeping, ambient sound which recalls another strand of 80s alternative in the otherworldly ethereal wave of Liz Fraser’s work with This Mortal Coil, or even the contemporary avant-pop of Zola Jesus or Glasser. As Rainforth forges a new musical future, it’s important not to divorce it from her fearless and catalytic past.” – Crack Magazine

keyboards, beats, ethereal, vocals, funk, jazz, electronic, maximum joy, bristol

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