Birthed from the seminal 1980s post-punk band Maximum Joy, MXMJoY are the dramatic reimagining by founding members Janine Rainforth and Charlie Llewellin. A pivotal point in Bristol’s dub-informed lineage, Pitchfork compared Maximum Joys sound to “one of the Slits backed by the Gang of Four”. Returning with a new line-up and all new material, MXMJoY crafted a new album - P.E.A.C.E. - that remains faithful to their roots but showcases an expanded experimental direction into dark electronics and expertly used samples and effects. Exploring lush synthscapes, deep house hooks and a pop sensibility partnered with that unmistakable and bewitching vocal, the duo find something new in their creative partnership. The album was written and recorded between Rainforth’s Hackney Studio and Llewellin in the US. Joining them on the tracks were prolific bassist Marek Bero, guitarists James Byron and Jono Trott who all contributed their own unique sounds, along with drummer Miroslav Haldina who brought analogue tones and depth to the records machine beat backing. They also enlisted David McEwen, who’s worked with Janine on her solo project and is long time sound engineer for On-U Sound and Adrian Sherwood’s recordings and Asian Dub Foundation, to work with them on the overall sound.

“A blissful amalgam of electronica and R&B, laced with grittier, brooding undercurrents that hark back to their early-’80s vision, p.e.a.c.e. is a sophisticated rebirth for one of the UK’s unsung trailblazers.” – The Vinyl Factory

keyboards, beats, ethereal, vocals, funk, jazz, electronic, maximum joy, bristol, samples, on-u-sound, synth, deep house

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