Melbourne's EXEK began as a studio project with frontman Albert Wolski before the 2014 formation of the four-piece line up with Andrew Brocchi (synthesizer), Henry Wilson (bass) and Sam Dixon (drums). With the addition of Nell Grant on saxophone, the group's sound entered another dimension that reveals EXEK to be conjuring the ghosts of PiL, This Heat and Swell Maps.

“Skeletal dub…controlled cacophony…factory-floor drone…galvanizing Holger Czukay like monomania…inveterate inventiveness…and woozy winningness.” – The Wire

“EXEK is spacey post-punk that invokes the ambiance of Swell Maps, Glorious Din, Au Pairs and Wire all at the same time.” – Maximum Rock and Roll

"Melbourne's EXEK execute a stark, dour DIY strain of dub that sounds like grimmest 1981 post-punk, and in 2018, that's paradoxically fresh." – Dave Segal, The Stranger

melbourne, australia, dub, post punk

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